Affinity Photo activated

Adjustment filters such as curves, toning, and levels give the image an even more original look. Probably everyone in the house has a hammer, but not everyone has a drill or a soldering iron. For ordinary users, programs that are simple and intuitive will come in handy, and in order to work properly in Photoshop, you need to study it for a long time.

In addition, the developers have added the ability to host related images and assets, reducing file sizes and making collaboration easier. For example, a separate interface for retouching portraits and a separate interface for working with landscape photography are all available in Affinity Photo 1.9. Affinity has added SerifLabs RAW engine to Affinity Photo for iPad.

The first full-featured professional photo editing app, fully compatible with Windows, Mac and iPad file formats. Affinity Photo’s HDR engine lets you create stunning natural looking images and unleash the full dynamic range of your scene. You can get great results working with familiar 32-bit images or using its extensive tone mapping capabilities. If you could create your own photo editing software, this is how it would work.

This ensures that RAW file processing results are the same on both Affinity Photo 1.9 for desktop and Affinity Photo 1.9 for iPad. The SerifLabs RAW engine on iPad offers improved noise reduction, manual lens distortion correction, and a more user-friendly crop tool. Significant improvements have been made to the RAW file processing module. The developers have implemented new functionality for linked layers, text along a path and a new mode for working with astrophotography (allows you to stitch multiple images together).

An abundance of tools, RAW support, uncut features and much more. Probably, there are no worthy alternatives on the iPad at all. Sure, we’ll see how Adobe will develop its tablet Photoshop in the future, but Affinity Photo is a really great editor at the moment.