Samsung Apps

samsung Apps – the online shop of mobile software, created by samsung Electronics. The store was launched September 14, 2009 for the United Kingdom, France, Italy [1] [2] and some Asian countries [3]. As of September 19, 2011 it will be available in 121 countries and employs more than 40 thousand. Applications [4] [5]. Depending on the country, Samsung Apps available on the bada platform, Symbian (platform support suspended December 31, 2010), Windows Mobile and All Android [4] [6]. In addition to software, Samsung Apps is available a variety of content for smartphones and mobile phones supporting Java ME. In addition to mobile devices, Samsung Apps, in the form of Samsung Apps TV service, launched for televisions, Blu-ray players and home theater Samsung [7]. Service users can buy and download entertainment program.
service advertising slogan sounds «Spice up your mob! le life!» [8], which translates into English as Spice (make spices) their mobile life.



samsung Mobile Applications

In the fall of 2008 for mobile software development program was launched Samsung mobile Innovator. She began working in beta mode since October 1 and October 22 was officially announced at the Smartphone Show exhibition. At the beginning of the only platforms that support was Symbian [9].
January 29, 2009 Samsung, together with a partner PocketGear, launched in beta mode for the Samsung Mobile Innovator program developers participating online store samsung Mobile Applications , also known as the Samsung Apps [10] [eleven] . The store was only available from the Internet (without a mobile client) on the territory of the United Kingdom for platforms Symbian and Windows Mobile [12] [13]. February 16, 2009 during the MWC 2009 Samsung has officially announced the expansion of the program Samsung Mobile Innovator and the Samsung Mobile Applications Store for Java ME and Windows Mobile platforms. [14] March 13 was launched the Chinese version of the portal for developers, and on August 19 it has added support for Java ME platform. In the third quarter of 2009, online shopping has been available in several European countries [15] [13]. In 2011 abolished support Samsung Mobile Applications Store in favor of Samsung Apps.

samsung Apps

September 14, 2009 for the United Kingdom, France and Italy by Samsung Electronics launched a new online store samsung Apps (samsung Application Store) platforms for Windows Mobile and Symbian (supported smartphones samsung Omnia, Omnia HD (i8910HD), Omnia II, OmniaLITE) [2] [16]. January 7, 2010 at CES 2010 Samsung Apps was officially presented as a multi-platform software store. [17] March 9, 2010 Samsung Electronics America, Inc. announced the launch of Samsung Apps (Samsung Apps TV) platform for TVs, Blu-ray players and home theater [18] [19].
July 9, 2010 was presented the first smartphone running bada, software which is distributed via Samsung Apps [20]. Also officially supports Android and Java ME platforms. December 31, 2010 dropped support for the Symbian [21] [22].
On April 28, 2011 in the United Kingdom introduced the service on putting P-SMS billing, which allows you to pay for the content store with the help of SMS. During 2011, the service is introduced in 12 more countries, [23] [24]. September 15, 2011 for application developers was presented In-App Purchase SDK, which implements a mechanism built shopping. [5] Also in the store were services that simplify how testing programs Try’n Play and Rent’n Play, wish list and drawing up recommendations Wishlist Smart App Recommendation applications [16].
March 27, 2012 Samsung has updated version of its online store, increasing the speed and stability of the service. [25]
In 2012, it announced an international competition for application developers for mobile devices – samsung Smart App Challenge 2012 which resulted in 80 winners will share a prize pool of $ 4,080 million [26]. [27].

samsung Apps TV

samsung Apps TV is part of Smart TV concept [28]. The store contains applications, games and services, which are arranged according to categories such as movies, sports, style, information, etc. [29] [30] [31].
The pace of store growth reached an impressive value. As of May 23, 2011 Samsung Apps TV catalog had more than 550 applications, the number of downloads which surpassed the 5 million [32]. At the beginning of September 2011 the catalog contains more than 900 applications, and the number of downloads has come nearer to a mark in 10 million [33]. At the end of January 2012, having in your arsenal of more than 1,400 applications available, the company plans to overcome the 15 million downloads to the end of the month. [31]
In order to stimulate the development of innovative applications for Smart TV platform company organizes an event Free the TV Challenge , which was conducted in 2010 [34] and 2011. [33] [31] years.
July 12, 2012 industry giant said that for a number of advanced TV with gestures Samsung Interaction Management System (model series ES7000, ES8000 and ES9000) will be available world-famous game Angry Birds [35] [36].

samsung Apps in Russia

in the English online store was launched on March 15, 2010 [37] [38] [39] [3].
Game PlayJam service from Samsung Apps was launched on December 1, 2011, and Russia, it has become available since December 7 [29].
In August 2011, the electronics giant introduced a free service 3D VOD «Explore 3D» in Russia for its advanced television [40].