VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is an Ā«open-sourceĀ» multimedia player that quickly and easily reproduces almost all media files including DivX, MP2, OGG, H.264, MKV , WebM, WMV. The program does not require the installation of codec packs, supports Blu-ray and HD audio, can act as a media converter and record streaming video.

Developer VLC ensure the rapid development of the program, as well as the frequent release of patches and new features .

you can customize the player panel of tools on your heart by removing those buttons on the player, in which you do not need. There is a choice of skins, which can be set to your liking, although some skins seem to be more stable than others.

  • to record TV shows to a decoder, and act as a kind of mini-DVR in this regard,
  • to act as a streaming server and client,
  • to work on any platform,
  • to do without installing additional codecs.
  • The program does not install on your computer any spyware adware software, and fully preserves your privacy.