Avast Secure Browser


What’s New

  • The opening speed of the page a new tab – . significantly faster page loads a new tab for an optimized loading static resources
  • Disable technology FLoC – in the near future there will be more information on the decision
  • Encryption HTTPS – Chromium v90.0 has a new way of handling HTTPS requests. This approach has been applied in Avast Secure Browser. It is also planned to replace the existing mechanisms by extending HTTPS Everywhere, it will reduce the amount of resources consumed.
  • Improved overall stability of the browser.
  • improved speed and stability of the synchronization service Avast Sync.
  • corrections Chromium 90, including 37 security fixes.
  • minor improvements and fixes design
  • Fixed some minor issues with the dark mode security Center and privacy.
  • Improved accessibility in the Center for security and privacy features.
  • Fixed a rare case of opening the browser 2 windows.
  • Fixed problem with empty folder bookmarks when importing from Firefox, Edge and IE.
  • Many improvements to the speed and stability of service Avast Sync.
  • Other small optimization .
  • In this version a lot of improvement and speed of our service Avast Sync stability and . E other small optimizations
  • Many improvements to accessibility
  • New,. Simplified search option to include the full URL. Now set the option can be configured instead of the shortcut omnibox menu
  • New,. Expansion is now available in the main menu with three dots in the upper right corner of the browser – before expansion were only available in the section Additional tools»
  • Improved overall stability browser.
  • Increased service speed and stability of sync Avast Sync.
  • Chromium Other corrections 89
  • Minor improvements and fixes design
  • Fixed display of the browser after PC reboot.
  • Fixed video playback in a tape Facebook

System requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 10, 32 or 64-bit
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1, 32- or 64-bit
  • Microsoft Windows 8, 32-bit or 64-bit
  • Microsoft Windows 7 SP1, 32-bit or 64-bit
  • macOS X 10.10 or later.


Detailed Description

Avast Secure Browser – an updated and improved version of the browser Avast SafeZone. In addition to the functions of the SafeZone browser, Avast Secure Browser now includes the Security Center and privacy

Security Center and privacy -. A collection of tools and functions that allows you to analyze and monitor your online activity and safety

<. p> When you go to console security Center and privacy, you can view and select the tools that you want to configure Avast Secure Browser. Using the proposed set of features and tools, you can not only set up a more secure and private browsing in the browser, but you can also monitor your computer’s security settings. To go to the Security Center console and privacy, click on the orange icon in the Avast Secure Browser upper right corner of the screen

Note,. Avast Secure Browser is installed with anti-virus products Avast. If you are a current user SafeZone, you can get Avast Secure Browser using the automatic update function. If the automatic update does not work, you can download the installer Avast Secure Browser

Benefits Avast Secure Browser

  • Anonymity -. Built-in privacy protection features to hide data your activity from various trackers. Your messages, e-mail and the history of the activity will be available only to you and not to third parties
  • The speed of -. Browser automatically blocks annoying advertising, which allows faster loading of web pages <. / li>
  • Privacy – in the browser interface consolidates all security features are necessary to block malware, phishing scams and identity theft. You can safely make an online purchase, carry out operations in the Internet banking and perform other online activities without fear for their data.

Security Center functions and Privacy Avast Secure Browser

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  • banking mode (requires installation of Avast Free Antivieng) – prevents attempts by hackers to intercept keystrokes and recognize your passwords, credit card data and other personal data
  • No identification -. concealment browser data (version , the default language set extensions) for protection against tracking on the Internet
  • phishing protection -. blocking malicious sites and downloads for the prevention of infection by computer viruses, spyware and trojans extortionists
  • Without tracking – the protection of your personal data by preventing tracking by websites, advertising campaigns and other web services
  • Stealth mode -. prevention preservation visited history s tracking cookie files and cache during a browser session
  • Protection extensions -. blocks unwanted extensions and plug-ins and allows you to install a reliable supplement that you trust
  • Remove personal -. Privacy Sweep data. Tool cleans browsing history, cached images, cookie data, and other junk files in one click
  • Protection against Flash -. Automatic blocking Flash content to improve the speed and security of online viewing websites
  • <. li> Defender web camera – monitor which sites can access the web sites

  • Hack Check -. a tool that allows you to determine whether your passwords stolen
  • Adblock (. ad blocker.) – acceleration of download sites and protection from malicious ad units
    • Tool Download video allows you to save any video and audio files in one click
    • .

    How to download Avast Secure Browser