Add-in for Excel – Add-VBA-Excel 2.1.00

Add-in for Excel – Add-VBA-Excel 2.1.00

Add-in for Excel contains a large collection of useful functions, with which you will greatly reduce the time and increase the speed of the program. After installing the add-in to Excel ribbon adds a new tab – VBA-Excel. The objective of this program – extend the standard capabilities of Excel, add the additional features and commands, to reduce the execution time of similar actions and to automate the routine work. On any command you can assign a hot key to quickly use it

Torrent Add-in for Excel – Add-VBA-Excel 2.1.00 details,.
The composition of the superstructure ,
today Excel add contains more than 80 user-defined functions, macros, and more than 25

What’s new in version,.
version 2100 from 26.08.2018

+ write your own function for the decline of arbitrary phrases – SKLONENIE_FRAZ
Before that you have used the function decline, which has worked on web services and had limitations on. number of uses. The old function will also be supported. We will be glad Comments of the new features to make it better

Version,. 2063 from 02.08.2018
+ Enhanced functionality association sheets
+ Add the ability to import lists from CSV files while preserving the columns
-Ispravili error functional Apply formula
-Vosstanovlena course work function
+ Small improvements and optimization

version, 2062 from 20.11.2017
+ to make a separate function for declination names SKLONENIE_FIO
-Skorrektirovali work function SUMMAPROPISYU
-Ispravili error functional Apply formula
-Skorrektirovali work function RATE
-Skorrektirovli functional insert the date of the calendar

version, 2061 from 07.10.2017
We’re moved to a new site
-To the correct operation of all functions, please upgrade to the latest version

version,. 2060 from 03.10.2017
+ added the ability to edit Yandeks.Perevod service API key

version 2059 from 26.09.2017

A small update -Skorrektirovali SUMMAPROPISYU work function

Version,. 2058 from 13.09. 2017
-Skorrektirovali job function decline.
Thank you, that with understanding. Great and powerful our English language.
The function will work in conjunction with third-party service for secure our function. . It is therefore possible to achieve restrictions on 1000 requests per day with 1 PC

Version, 2057 from 11.09.2017
+ make your own function decline. Now there are no restrictions on its use. Write error or exceptions to the rule, will improve.
-Popravili calendar functionality insert date
-Pochinili game Color vision
-Ispravili minor bugs

1. Start Excel, go to the security settings, check the box in the macro settings, Enable macros and Trust access to the VBA project object model
2. Open an Excel file VBA-Excel_Install_2.1.0.xlsm
3. Press the Install / Upgrade
4.Zapolnite registration window any data (you can simply put zeros), mark the checkbox I guru Excel, I’m not interested
5. Click Install

The procedure for treatment,
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The procedure for treatment drugs described by the author in the text file in the distribution. . Read more here
After you install the add
(or prior to installation, but after opening the add-install file)
Push the button with the information – FAQ – Activation.

Appears activation window with the number generated specifically for your office copy.

Copy this number and close the activation window.
Open the program through the file Keygen.xlsm , click on Keygen button in the open field in the top cell and paste the copied number click Generate Key. Copy from the bottom of the cell generated number.

Close all open copies of Excel.
Open notebook reg-file VBA-Excel.reg , and instead of XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX insert the number, save the file.

Run the reg file and agree to make changes to the registry.

Open Excel, go to VBA-Excel tab, click on the information –Spravka –Aktivatsiya button, we see that the add-in is activated, close and enjoy the new features.

WARNING. On the official website is a revised edition of the same version of the add-in,
she does not accept the method of activation. Do not attempt to update.