VMware Workstation Player

VMware Workstation Player (formerly VMware Player) – free for non-commercial use of the software product, based on VMware Workstation virtual machine, but with limited functionality, designed to run virtual machine images created in other VMware products, as well as Microsoft VirtualPC and Symantec LiveState Recovery. Starting with version 3.0 VMware Player allows you to create virtual machines images [3]. functional limitations are now mainly concerns functions for IT-specialists and software developers. For example, there is no possibility of setting up a thin virtual NICs through the Virtual Network Editor


VMware Player Plus [citation needed. | edit code]

VMware Player Plus and VMware Player are one and the same software. The licensed version of VMware Player called VMware Player Plus [4]. After you enter a license key is possible to use additional features such as support for virtual machines with limited access, mass deployment, the official developer support.