Create assets list on the Unity Asset Store

The friends decided gash post on how to properly use the Unity Asset Store and receive benefits from it. Assets – this is a variety of utility for game developers. Usually Asset download to accelerate the development, for the understanding of a moment, to replenish its library, to complement the existing project

Unity Asset Store -. The largest library assets list. Recently, at the store can not upload the model in FBX format, .Max etc., only .unitypackage. That is, it means that all Asset is created only for Unity3d game engine users. Why developers create such a thing? Firstly, as stated on the official website, it gives an opportunity to earn a living. Secondly, the PR of your project. For example, put an interesting system of its project to show others your approach to the creation of some things. In the following short video will be shown on the Asset Dries Deryckere , in which he created procedurally destructible car on Unreal Engine 4.

Why do I recommend everyone user to try yourself as a creator of assets list?) you first-class 3D artist. You are likely thinking about Turbosquid, but 40% – this is preposterous. Unity also has an adequate proportion of 70% with the possibility of distribution in different Storey. What can you do? As the programming knowledge is likely you do not, then the only option – is to make high-quality 3D models of anything. Here is an example of what you can do, Beds, House, Weapons

The developers income and their reactions, Reddit (PS who are too lazy to read – $ 10,000 per month), juhakiili (PS in jokes set price. $ 50, bought at $ 3000 for five days), Linlk (PS best selling Asset – fighting game system, UPFS, anti-hacking games)

If I could interest you, go to the office. Yunkov site, link. Here, I explained in detail what was happening.