Download photos and videos from Instagram

The loader videos from Instagram, provided, makes it easy to upload videos and photos from Instagram in the most popular formats. This is an easy tool to download, which works fine with any browser on a PC or mobile device.

Set Helper, to download a video or photo with Instagram.

How to download videos ? Instagrama

For users who want to download videos directly from Instagrama, we have developed an extension that you just need to add in your browser

The first step -. click Download button (green color) and install a browser extension. The expansion will allow the download photos or videos of Instagrama without leaving the site itself.

The next step, click on the gray Download button, which is located in the upper right corner to select the preferred format (jpg, mp3, mp4) in drop-down menu.

download video and photos from Instagram using «» or « /».

The easiest way to download videos from Instagram directly from the address bar browser available with a short domain that you want to add to the URL of the video or photo. (For example, «» or « /»).

What you need to do – is to add« »or« »in front of the URL-address of the web -site Instagram and press Enter. By following these steps, you will get direct links to all the videos posted to Instagram.

How to download videos from Instagram using the site

There is another way to easily download the video or photo c inst. You need to go to our website https,// At the top of the page, type in the URL-address Inst with reference to a video or photo.

Click the Download button, and all available links will be displayed. You should also remember that if you want a specific format, you have to select it before loading, by default downloaded the highest quality.

Our downloader for Instagram works great for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Edge , Opera, and others, even on mobile devices running Android or iPhone.