Install Perl for Windows

Where to find and download Perl

Currently, the options PERL (so-called port» (ports)) exist for many different machines and operating systems, including for Windows 9x, and Windows NT. Search for them it is necessary in the first place on the site CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network) – There you can find numerous modules, software, documentation and other materials otosyaschiesya to Perl. Perl port for different platforms are under Browsing -> Perl binary distributions ( «ports»)

For Windows platforms, there are two main lines the Perl – so to speak, the classic and the firm ActiveState (www. ActiveState company produces its own» ports Perl for Win32, are funds to run Perl as an ISAPI extension (ISAPI – an interface Server Extensions Microsoft Web servers – PWS and IIS), and various utilities developer. Recent already sold for money (website – demo version), while the PERL can be downloaded and used for free

To work require perl version 5 or higher.. Personally, I have 2 years of use Perl 5.003_07 from ActiveState. Check the version of the interpreter with the command perl -v.

Installing Perl

The installation of the Perl distribution is not a big deal. The installation program will create a folder for Perl and subfolders in it, place the required files, as well as prescribe the way to perl.exe file in the autoexec.bat, as well as the necessary registry keys. Now you can run Perl-script by simply typing in the command line,.

After the installation of Perl, you can not run the CGI-scripts through your web server. In order for this to be possible, it is necessary to register» perl installations in a web server as a «script handler» (the program that support the scripts). How? It depends on the web server

In general, there are 2 types of CGI-scripts,. Binary (compiled into an executable program code) and interpreted – which include the Perl-scripts. An important difference between the two is that the second need a so-called «script handler»-program interpreter that executes the script. For web-server perl.exe and is thus «script handler» th.

In most web-server for Windows (including its native» PWS and IIS) «binary» CGI-scripts are supported automatically . Membership of the interpreted script to a specific handler-in is determined by the file extension (the exception – in some original UNIX-ovskih» web-servers, such as Apache, handler is defined by the first line of the script, starting with «#!»)

installation support Perl-scripts in PWS and IIS

The following guidelines for installing Perl for IIS / PWS were tested on PWS as part of Windows95 OSR2.

in PWS and IIS data about extensions script It is located in the Windows registry under
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESystemCurrentControlSetServicesw3svcparametersScript Map

in particular, if you want files with cgi and pl run as a Perl-scripts, you need to register the following parameters in the above section < / p>

in those folders, web-server, where it is planned to place the Perl-scripts must have permission for their performance (in PWS is configured via a web interface).