Internet Explorer for Windows

Internet Explorer (Internet Explorer) – browser for Windows, working immediately after installation system. Because of this, Internet Explorer is almost always confidently occupied leading positions. The share of the browser accounted for 24-58% of the world market. by default, the program comes bundled with the Windows operating system up to version 10, after which the developers have replaced it with a new product -. Microsoft Edge

Functionality IE

Internet Explorer supports almost all technologies, which are used to create web sites. These include a variety of multimedia clips, data encryption in applications related to e-commerce, markup languages, and design of hypertexts. The program supports group policy settings from Windows NT administrator can change the user interface and the basic security settings. Among other important functional features of IE you need to identify the following,

  • a set of tools for developers, including debugging tools and web pages testing,
  • Support for custom extensions, such as HTML, CSS and DOM,
  • data caching to speed up loading,
  • enhanced protected mode,
  • evaluation of reputation data to be downloaded using SmartScreen technology,
  • Enterprise mode, which provides support for applications designed for previous versions of IE.

The nearest competitors IE is characterized by a non-standard extensions. It is for this browser has been developed standard Point-events, simplifies the application javascript.

The apparent advantage of Internet Explorer is a quality optimization for touch screens, simple interface and a low load on system resources.

History of the browser

The first version of Internet Explorer appeared in 1995. In 1997 he released version 4.0, which has been fully integrated into the Windows operating system and provides access to the Internet Explorer settings. In 2012, simultaneously with the release of Windows 8 version of the browser came out 10.0, which was released in the conceptual style changes to the operating system Metro. The final stage of development of the Internet Explorer browser was his version 11.0, which is valid today. It is compatible with Windows 7 and is available for 32-bit and 64-bit operating system.