UC Browser

UC Browser for Windows

UC Browser (Criminal Browser) – fast browser that stands out from the other Internet browsers presence of many useful tools and unusual design.

The new browser based on Chromium appear almost every day, and the vast majority are nothing special from Google Chrome is different, can not be said about UC Browser, which operates on two engines , WebKit (Chromium) and Trident (MS Explorer). In operation, the user can switch between these engines, choosing the one that is preferred at the moment. And this is not the only unique feature of UC Browser.



Any program met in appearance, and in this UC Browser plan has something to boast . When you first launch the browser will ask to determine the design of visual bookmarks. This may be a standard tiled design style in Chrome, and can be stylish monochrome, large round icons, and many other solutions. Thanks to a variety of topics, you can also customize the look of the browser immediately after it is installed.

Download Manager

Download Manager radically different from what we are used to in Chrome. It is different in both appearance and functionality. The main feature – download accelerator. If you enable this function, are utilized to accelerate the download server developers. However, the effect of this tool is noticeable not always.

Ad-blocking software

All have long been accustomed to the fact that extensions from the Chrome store clean far all the ads, the same applies to many browsers already with a built-in function. UC Browser removes all the ads, starting with the non-intrusive contextual, ending teaser and pop-ups. Even if it so happened that the advertisement appeared in enough settings to register a domain that should be blocked in the future.

Panic button

An indispensable feature for office workers! PanicButton instantly closes the browser or the currently open tab. Assigned to this action can be of any convenient or key combination. Incidentally, hot keys settings manager is implemented at the highest level, any action in UC Browser can be performed using the keyboard. Not bad implemented as control using gestures.

Night mode

Rather, it is even brightness. This function is implemented in such a way that with a slider, which is located at the bottom of your browser, you can fine-tune the brightness of the display of Web pages. In this case, adjust the brightness of the screen does not change.

Cloud Sync

Absolutely all browser setting, installed extensions you, and favorites can be stored in the cloud storage in encrypted form. If desired, the same setting is conveniently stored on the hard drive of your computer.

Pros & Cons


Many users have transferred to UC Browser with other browsers, note that the pages load much faster, the same applies to downloading large files. Other benefits of the program include,

  • Full access to the store Google Chrome extensions,
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface that does not require a learning curve,
  • Import bookmarks from other browsers,
  • The Fast screenshots,
  • preloading web pages.

Disadvantages < / h3>

This browser has been translated into the English language recently, but it’s built-in voice search is still only recognizes English. Other UC Browser disadvantages,

  • the default search engine Google can not be replaced by another,
  • Not all extensions from Google Chrome store to work correctly,
  • < li> Some antivirus see the program as malware.





down arrow

Move down

Up arrow < / td>

Move up

Page down

The rapid downward movement of

Page up

The rapid upward movement of


Sign in

Ctrl + T

New tab

Ctrl + 1 to 8

Navigating the tabs

Ctrl + 9

The last tab

Ctrl + W

Close current tab

Alt + D

the browser address bar

Ctrl + F

Find PRIN atanny text on the web page

Alt + Home



menu bar


Reload the tab

Ctrl + S

Save page

Ctrl + P

Print page

Ctrl + Shift + B

Show or hide the bookmarks window

Ctrl + D


Alt + F4

Close the current window


support page (online help)

Installing on a computer

Installation of the program is carried out with a small online installer, after running exe-file all the necessary files will be downloaded from the server developers. Therefore, for installation requires an active internet connection.

1. Specify the installation path (Program Files or another folder), select the required settings and click the big button «Download and Install». < / p>

2. That’s it, no longer need to do anything. We can only wait until the program will download all the files from a remote server and install the browser on your system.