UKs Kalender for Windows

UKs Kalender – electronic calendar with many additional settings and reminder function for important events and anniversaries, accompanied by sound effects. Calendar events can be associated with the launch applications or open documents. There is a choice of day of the week (Monday or Sunday).

  • Automatic saving records,
  • any changes are immediately saved in the program,
  • < li> each time you start the calendar creates a backup copy of the data,

  • unlimited undo or repetition of actions performed,
  • minimization to the system tray at work,
  • the division of events into categories and templates,
  • Export to HTML and CSV-format (based on templates),
  • creating recurring events,
  • color coding and hide events,
  • function alarm and pre-alarm,
  • you can put in your startup,
  • You can set the desired format for the date and time,
  • display holidays for several countries at the same time,
  • network calendar settings for multiple users,
  • filter setting and keyword search,
  • Create categories for this or that kind of and information and templates for fast data entry

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BIRTHDAY.! millennium – application to create reminders for various events. Present.

Feedback about the program UKs Kalender

Great program! Ascetic and austere interface (English available), plenty of options, the ability to import / export a list of events, free – what do you need ..
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