Voxengo Marvel GEQ

Voxengo Marvel GEQ – is phase-linear equalizer that supports multi-channel audio processing. It allows you to control the sound settings on the 16-allocated frequencies, are graphically displayed in its main window. Service quite professional, but not as complicated as it may seem at first.

Voxengo Marvel GEQ for Windows

The program will be useful both for music lovers and for those for whom it is a professional occupation – DJs and sound engineers. Linear-phase filter used in the equalizer, allows you to receive the output of high quality sound, and it is with user-defined characteristics.

Functions software on any sound cards, has an accessible and intuitive interface (though still without English language ), it does not take up much space on your hard drive / laptop and does not require large memory performance.

Let’s talk about the main advantages. In fact it contains a number of technical innovations that enable more accurate and better perform audio editing,

  • ability to create isolated groups of channels,
  • Edit option in 64-bit ( with floating point),
  • built-in preset-manager,
  • copy settings option and compare them with each other,
  • edit mid / side < / li>
  • multi-channel / stereo processing and others.

The equalizer adjusts the volume at frequencies in the range of +/- 12 dB. Delay in processing audio at the same time not more than 9 milliseconds. All this means that the audio settings in the utility is very fast and with high accuracy, even for beginners. For those who have not quite figured out the program, there is an option in the form of pop-up tips that clearly show and explain all the features of the application use. By the way, it is great for creating

Download Voxengo Marvel GEQ radio effect. Free

Services can be considered an excellent tool for sound correction, which will please both music lovers, amateurs and professionals.

Download Voxengo Marvel GEQ is possible without any difficulty on our portal. The program is ready to use and does not require the introduction of additional keys.